Classes Offered

Classes Offered at T.O. Dance Co



Minis Move: This 45min class is designed for children ages 2 - 4 to begin to learn introductory jazz and ballet technique with an emphasis on rhythm and coordination. During this high-energy class your child will have the opportunity to develop self-confidence, determination, discipline, and drive while making friendships that could last a lifetime. 

Ballet: Unique to T.O. Dance Co Ballet classes will be taught with a barrefit warm up teaching dancers proper ballet technique, posture and poise to fun upbeat music. This class will increase strength, flexibility and body awareness while improving technique necessary for all dance styles.

Jazz: This high-energy class offers dancers the chance to improve strength, flexibility, stamina and technique while learning current dance moves to popular musical trends. Classes include a barrefit warm-up with emphasis on strength & power, jazz technique, choreography and flexibility training.

Hip Hop:  This class will bring out your personality in a fun energetic atmosphere. Learning the latest moves the newest tunes you will have the opportunity to improve your rhythm, fitness and confidence.

Acro: This dance style combines gymnastics and dance. Dancers will learn to properly execute tricks, partner skills and tumbling with an emphasis on safety, flexibility, strength and control.

Musical Theatre:  Musical theatre is a discipline that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance.  This program combines routines and dance movements with an emphasis on developing acting and performance skills. Incorporated in the class participants will be taught different styles of dance, including basic acrobatics. Students will also use facial expressions and body movements to portray different characters and storylines. 

Tween Barre: A Barre Fit program developed specially for tweens! This popular high-energy class includes a floor warm-up, ballet inspired barre exercises to tone legs and glutes, UGI ball and resistance bands to sculpt lower and upper body and mat pilates style floor work to flatten the belly and strengthen lower back. Final stretches to cool down and lengthen the muscles are performed at the barre.

Kids Yoga: During this class we will travel through the world of yoga, identifying different poses and breathing techniques. We transform our bodies into many different shapes and poses. We will explore the yoga world to build on our body awareness and we will work on flowing our poses and engage into some partner work. We practice within a fun and safe space where we can connect to others and express ourselves. Through the weeks, we will build skills on how to relax and how to channel our energy. Come ready to play!

Class Age Breakdown

Minis Move = Age 2 – 4

Primary = Age 3 – 5

Jr = Age 5 – 7

Int = Age 7- 10

Tween = 10 - 12

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